Carrie Stephens

executive director

Carrie lives with her husband Cartwright, and their three amazing children: Malone, and twins Beau & Jocelyn. Carrie graduated from the University of Iowa with a BS in Therapeutic Recreation and received her Masters in Recreation & Administration from Indiana University. She is a Doula, owner of Ginger Blossom Doula Services, and provides birth & postpartum services for women and their families. Carrie has experienced both pre-natal & post partum depression and anxiety and considers herself blessed to have had access to some wonderful PPD resources in her community. Carrie recognizes that resources for women experiencing PPD are severely lacking across the state & country and has witnessed many women struggling through it all. It is her hope that through the Maternal Wellness Program she can help spread awareness, advocate, educate and support the women in her community that may experience PPD.

Jessica Abbott

Jessica lives with her husband, Joel, and their two daughters: Hannah (2) and Nora (6 months). Jessica left her job as an Activity and Volunteer Coordinator at an assisted living community to become a full time stay at home mom. Jessica first joined the postpartum support group a few months after her older daughter's birth and became passionate about breaking down barriers in conversations about PPD in her community. Jessica feels very blessed to know such a strong, dedicated group of women. She hopes to continue to reach out to mothers to break down negative stigmas surrounding postpartum depression and encourage families to seek help sooner rather than later.


Tabitha Grassmid


Tabitha lives with her husband Delton, and their four children Cameron (4), Cubba (3), and twins Olive and Kyla (16 months). Tabitha started to help moms after her battle with Postpartum Depression, anxiety, and OCD. Tabitha previously volunteered with Postpartum Progress, and has completed the Postpartum Support International two day perinatal mood disorder conference. In May 2016 Tabitha won the MomsBloom WarriorMom Award for her work helping moms in Grand Rapids. She is now completing her bachelors degree in psychology, and has published a book about her journey through Postpartum depression.

"I love helping moms, I love watching them become strong and confident. I advocate for moms until they are able to advocate for themselves. Woman who get Postpartum depression are the strongest women I know, and I am so lucky to be a part of the Maternal Wellness Program."


Pat Hawkins


Pat Hawkins, attended schools in Grand Rapids, and eventually received her Masters’ degree from Michigan State University in Counseling/ Psychology. She has worked as a clinical social worker for the past twenty-five years, working in mental health with the chronically ill. For the past five years, she has worked at Family Outreach, doing individual therapy and substance abuse assessments.

Pat became interested in the Post-Partum Depression support group through her good friend, Kathy Buchanan who was already one of the nurse educators. Pat was a volunteer therapist for the past five years, just leaving the group this summer. On a personal level, Pat’s paternal grandmother actually took her own life when she was very young, leaving a two-year-old, and a nine-month-old, and she was carrying a third child. This was a part of her history that was very meaningful to Pat, and she has wanted to do something to help young mothers with this devastating emotional condition, which is more common than was previously thought.